Why Are Online Casinos Popular?

A question that non-gamblers seem to ask a lot is why are online casinos so popular? There are several reasons why online gambling is popular all over the world. It captures interest from people of all walks of life and has no favourites when it comes to dishing out prizes. In this article we will offer a few reasons why online casinos are popular in 2021.


People like to escape from the hard realities of working life. That’s a given and can’t be argued. Our lives can sometimes be monotonous or “boring” with little excitement. Online gambling provides some respite and relief from the pressures and stress of normal life. Whether you’re playing poker online or blackjack at a trusted online casino Malaysia, it’s a fun form of escapism as you forget about worries and just enjoy some gambling. Read More

Top Game reveals New Titles to Portfolio

One of the online gambling industry’s leading providers of casino software, Top Game, has revealed that they have added two new games to their portfolio. Scratch card Weed Whacker is set in a garden where gamers have to mow the grass and unveil multipliers. Casino War meanwhile is an online card game set in an elegantly designed atmosphere.


Scratch Card Game Weed Whacker

For players who love scratch cards and want a horticultural twist to their game, Weed Whacker is the ideal option. Set in an overgrown garden, players use their mouse to operate a mower around the screens six sections. Each section, once mowed over, reveals a multiplier between one and 80. If players gain three or more equal multipliers their bet is paid out depending on the matching multipliers seen. Wagers range from $0.05 to $10, and for players who don’t want to necessarily mow each section, an instant reveal button is available. Read More