Why Are Online Casinos Popular?

A question that non-gamblers seem to ask a lot is why are online casinos so popular? There are several reasons why online gambling is popular all over the world. It captures interest from people of all walks of life and has no favourites when it comes to dishing out prizes. In this article we will offer a few reasons why online casinos are popular in 2021.


People like to escape from the hard realities of working life. That’s a given and can’t be argued. Our lives can sometimes be monotonous or “boring” with little excitement. Online gambling provides some respite and relief from the pressures and stress of normal life. Whether you’re playing poker online or blackjack at a trusted online casino Malaysia, it’s a fun form of escapism as you forget about worries and just enjoy some gambling. Read More

Progressive Slots

If you are a casino player in one of the many trustworthy UK slot sites, you would sometimes see winners of huge jackpot prizes. Have you ever wondered where these prizes are coming from? One definite source is progressive slots. They are, in many ways, like classic slots, except that you get a lot more than you wagered if you win.

Where can I play one?

Most online casinos have progressive jackpots. These are usually displayed in the home site with a regular update regarding the current prize money. However, not all casinos offer huge progressive jackpots. Some progressives offer hundreds of thousands, while some offer millions. Basically, the odds of winning in a progressive jackpot are the same, despite the size of the pot prize.

Progressive slots, however, differ in the size of wager and the type of progressive slots. There are progressive slots that have bigger wagering requirement but not that much pot prize. Make sure that you stay away from slot games like this. Read More

Pay By Phone: The Lightning Fast Payment Method

Spoilt for choice.. When a casino or bingo player tries to make a deposit online at their favourite casino and bingo sites, they have an abundance of payment methods to choose from. It used to be a question of whether to get the debit card out or give paypal a whirl, but now with pay by phone technology emerging onto the scene, its given punters yet another way to spend their money.

What Is Pay By Phone?

Pay By Phone technology uses a players mobile phone and adds their deposits to their monthly phone bill (for those who have a phone contract). Making a deposit using this method is straight forward and simply requires a player to enter their phone number and the amount they’d like to spend into the cashier section of the casino website. Shortly after the player will receive an SMS in order to verify and complete the transaction. Read More

Here are some top slots games you can play today

There are many opportunities to play online slots uk and you can find loads of different games to play. They can vary, both in the theme of the game, bonus games and the chances of winning. It is therefore worth looking at lots of them in order to decide which one you think that you would like to play the best. Below are reviews of a couple of popular games so that you can decide whether you might like to play those.

Bust the Bank

This is a fun slot game which has five reels. It has a fun storyline surrounding it where you are going on a fun heist with Larry and Bob who are bank robbers. You have to break into the banks with them and take as much money as you can without getting caught. There are security guards, watchdogs, armoured vehicles and protected safes which make your challenge more difficult.

This may not sound much like a slots game but it is! There are explosive wilds which you can find and these will work like TNT to help you on your way. There are also scatters and bonus opportunities that you can come across. There are 24 different ways to win, meaning that this has a generous payline. If a ‘safe bonus’ logo appears it means that you will benefit form 1-6 gold coins appearing. The scatter bomb symbols cause even more excitement as they trigger the free spins. If the scatter comes up again there is an extra free spin awarded after the eight original ones are played. The bust the bank logo will act as a wild card and give more potential for winning. Read More

Slot brands, every bingo operator has one!

There is no doubt that if you visit a bingo brand, or a casino brand – you will be able to enjoy a shed load of slots games, just take a look at Slot Shack as an example!  Recently the latest online gaming trend for already established bingo operators is to launch sites that are dedicated to slots. But where did it all begin?

Well, lets go back, a long way back! There are a couple of accounts as to when/how the first slot machine was created but generally it is thought that inventor and car mechanic Charles Fey invented the Liberty Bell in 1895 and that it was loosely based on poker.


After this, many companies tried to duplicate the success as it was so popular. The introduction of fruit symbols occurred (which is why people often refer to slots as fruit machines) and they were launched using a lever and called one arm bandits.

The first electronic slot machine was developed by Bally Manufacturing and was called Money Honey. You would need to push a button as opposed to pull a lever and additional features such as nudges were introduced to help players create more winning combinations – and of course, to increase players fascination with the product!

Then of course came online slots! These days there are lots of slot providers such as Leander Games, Net Ent, Microgaming and many more that are all creating sophisticated slot games. These tend to include the likes of free spins, bonus features, progressive jackpots and more. They have also been known to create online slots based on TV shows, such as Deal or No Deal, movies and even rock bands (believe it or not Guns N’ Roses have one) to accommodate as many people’s interests as possible.

During the second half of 2016 we have been seeing many established bingo brands operate a sister site based on the same branding but offering only slots games, take Dove Slots or Wink Slots as examples – theres no prizes for guessing which bingo brands they are associated with!

Nowadays things have progressed so much that there are even mobile slots that you can play from your hand held devices. This means you can always get your slot game fix. They are all fantastically designed so that there is no difference to playing via mobile as opposed to desktop.

What’s next for slot games? We think we will be seeing many more launches as every bingo operator seeks to get in on the action.

John Patrick’s Slots – a Book Review

I knew I was going to have problems with this book as soon as I saw the cover. It has a picture of an older man with a 1970’s style haircut and outfit looking smug and holding some casino chips in his hands. The title of the book is on the cover too, but what’s disturbing is the tagline for the book: “A Pro’s Guide to Beating the One Armed Bandits”. If there’s one thing I understand about slot machines, it’s this: there are no professional slot machine players.


The back cover indicates that John Patrick is a professional gambler. After reading John Patrick’s Slots, I have serious doubts that he’s a professional gambler. Professional gamblers understand math and probability, and they also play positive expectation games to the exclusion of all other games. Since he seems to think that money management techniques can beat the slot machines, I immediately assume he’s a huckster.

And while he might make a living writing books about gambling, his prose is so bad that I don’t really feel comfortable calling him a professional gambling writer either.

More from the back cover: “Patrick’s key to victory over the one-armed bandits is the same as his strategy for winning at other games: money management.” I can’t even imagine whether Mason Malmuth or David Sklansky (both of whom are really professional gamblers and writers) would vomit over that, laugh at it, or just roll their eyes and sigh.

Can you tell already that I didn’t like this book? Read More

How Slots Work

Before the dawn of online gaming, the slot games our parents and grandparents have been playing are the usual big machine that spits coins and tokens whenever they hit the jackpot. That machine is powered by sets of levers and gears that give the machine its “randomness”. These contraptions, in turn, power the rolling action of the reels, which gives the player its combination. But that’s before man recognized the value of algorithms and Internet in gambling. Here, we look at how online slot casino machines work.

Inside the Online Slot Machine

Of course, the mechanical and electrical slot machine eventually gave way to the newer slot machines. This development not only created smaller and more dependable machines, but technology has also helped in developing slot games for online gambling. Without this single piece of development, we might not enjoy online slots the way we do now.


The development rests on one important concept – Random Number Generation. These newer machines use computers to generate the algorithm the machines use to determine where the reels will eventually stop. These number generators can spit out any number, from single digit to several billions in a second. Numbers like 32, 64, 128, 256 or 512 then divides these number combinations. Since quotients derived from these division simply means one complete revolution, the remainder of the division defines where the reel will stop. Each remainder stops on a particular reel. If the correct combination of reels falls on active payline/s, then the machine will declare a “win” and pay the correct amount of coins. Read More

Online Slots Tournaments

We all know that all the skills needed in playing this well-loved casino machine begins and ends with a push of a button, and the rest is left with the Fates, Lady Luck or The Odds, if you prefer. And with the popularity of online slot games, it is no wonder then that there are now numerous online slots tournaments that cater to players all over the world, giving them the chance to win huge prizes.


What is Online Slot Tournament?

Online slot tournament is a tournament sponsored by online casinos where players compete for the topmost position for the prize money. In a slot tournament, every player is given the same amount of coins. They start and finish at the same time, and whoever has the most number of coins after playing for a predetermined set of time or spin wins the tournament. Every casino makes its own rules in determining which player wins the game. There are some casinos that only award one player for the tournament, while others give runners-up awards. Read More

Online Slots Paybacks and Payout Percentages

One of the most important considerations in choosing where to play your favorite slot machine is the payout percentage. Payout percentage is an aspect in slot gaming that can potentially affect your expected value and future winnings. Here are some things you should know about payout percentage. One thing to remember is that online slot machines are different than land based slots because online they follow the same random number generator powered by the online casino software provider. In land cased casinos, sometimes the casino floor manager can  improve or weaken the odds for the casino. They do this to get machines hot, but catch a cold machine and you’re done for. By sticking to online slots you don’t run this risk of running into house-loaded slot machines.


Payout Percentage Defined

Payout percentage or payback percentage is generally defined as the amount returned by the casino to the players as a form of prizes or winnings. It is the difference of the total bets and the house edge. You can find payout percentage rates on payout percentage reports usually reported by the casino, among other payout rates of other casino games like roulette baccarat, etc.

As the name implies, you’ll see the payout rates in percentages. Don’t be scared of it though. Payout percentage is easy to be understood. For example, if you have a payout percentage of 95%, that slot machine returns 95 cents in terms of winnings and keeps the rest as revenues on the average. Read More

Free Bonus Slots

Probably something you’ve heard of but have never had the chance to encounter are the bonus slot games. Unless you know how to look, you wouldn’t be able to tell what the difference between normal standard and multi-line slot games from bonus slot games are. After all, casinos usually don’t refer to them as bonus slot games but as slot games with bonus features.


Free Bonus Rounds

There are slot games that give you an altogether different chance of winning through a bonus round. These rounds may not even be slot games. For example, a bonus round may oblige you to look for certain hidden items. Some of these rounds are unlocked for free, while some require a certain quota. This quota may depend on the slot, from a minimum wager requirement to a combination of certain symbols.

Prize Bonus

Similar to the free bonus rounds, prize bonuses are sometimes unlocked given certain combinations. The prizes are usually objects that can be shipped to you, provided that you have a registered real account in their online casino. The combination for the prize bonus is often different from the winning combinations.

Pick Items

This bonus feature will let you choose an item from a list of items that you can take home. Like the prize bonus, this option may be accessed depending on the rules of the slot game. For example, if you win in more than three pay lines, the casino will let you take home an item. Read More