How Slots Work

Before the dawn of online gaming, the slot games our parents and grandparents have been playing are the usual big machine that spits coins and tokens whenever they hit the jackpot. That machine is powered by sets of levers and gears that give the machine its “randomness”. These contraptions, in turn, power the rolling action of the reels, which gives the player its combination. But that’s before man recognized the value of algorithms and Internet in gambling. Here, we look at how online slot casino machines work.

Inside the Online Slot Machine

Of course, the mechanical and electrical slot machine eventually gave way to the newer slot machines. This development not only created smaller and more dependable machines, but technology has also helped in developing slot games for online gambling. Without this single piece of development, we might not enjoy online slots the way we do now.


The development rests on one important concept – Random Number Generation. These newer machines use computers to generate the algorithm the machines use to determine where the reels will eventually stop. These number generators can spit out any number, from single digit to several billions in a second. Numbers like 32, 64, 128, 256 or 512 then divides these number combinations. Since quotients derived from these division simply means one complete revolution, the remainder of the division defines where the reel will stop. Each remainder stops on a particular reel. If the correct combination of reels falls on active payline/s, then the machine will declare a “win” and pay the correct amount of coins.

Advantages of Random Number Generation System

The main advantage of an RNG-powered slot machine compared with the traditional electric or mechanical slot machine is two-fold. The former is better designed and more unpredictable than the latter. With continuous use of the electric or mechanical slot machine, the series of gears and levers will ultimately disintegrate, causing the machine not to work the way it should. The need for a set of levers and gears and other stuff also makes the machine bigger and its operation slower. RNG-powered slot machines, on the other hand, need not be too heavy or too bulky. Plus, they don’t have to be physically present as in the case of online slot games.

Then there’s the issue of unpredictability. With the numbers from one to several billions and without rusting levers or breaking gears, RNG is more dependable in terms of producing a varied result each time. If you’re playing slots for fun and not to cheat your way to winnings, then this feature can definitely add to the fun factor of the game.

An RNG-powered slot machine will continue to work as long as the number generator is able to generate numbers and the program continues to process them.

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