Progressive Slots

If you are a casino player in one of the many trustworthy UK slot sites, you would sometimes see winners of huge jackpot prizes. Have you ever wondered where these prizes are coming from? One definite source is progressive slots. They are, in many ways, like classic slots, except that you get a lot more than you wagered if you win.

Where can I play one?

Most online casinos have progressive jackpots. These are usually displayed in the home site with a regular update regarding the current prize money. However, not all casinos offer huge progressive jackpots. Some progressives offer hundreds of thousands, while some offer millions. Basically, the odds of winning in a progressive jackpot are the same, despite the size of the pot prize.

Progressive slots, however, differ in the size of wager and the type of progressive slots. There are progressive slots that have bigger wagering requirement but not that much pot prize. Make sure that you stay away from slot games like this.

How can I win the prize?

You can only win the prize money displayed if you fulfill the wagering requirement. For example, if the maximum wagering requirement of a progressive slot game is 5 Dollars, then you will have to pay this amount, no less. If you don’t, your wager will only qualify for a regular slot game, a win in which will give you a regular winning prize. If, however, you wager the maximum 5 Dollars and win, then you can get the millions of dollars the progressive slot boasts of.

The odds in winning in progressives are quite slim, yes. However, there have been many precedents – huge winners of these slot games. They often have testimonials in their respective online casinos, where they attest to the validity of the prize they got.

What are the types of progressive slots?

There are actually three types of progressive slots. One is the individual progressives. Here, the prize is based on the people who have wagered, lost, and contributed to the jackpot money. Another is the linked progressives. These are slot games linked to each other and together make up the jackpot prize. You can expect the jackpot prize of this one to be much more monumental since there are more slot games involved in this. Another is the multi-location progressives. These are slot games scattered in different online casinos affiliated with each other. Usually, hundreds of slot games form the jackpot prize. Winning in just one of these hundreds of slot games will award you the summed up prize.

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