Here are some top slots games you can play today

There are many opportunities to play online slots uk and you can find loads of different games to play. They can vary, both in the theme of the game, bonus games and the chances of winning. It is therefore worth looking at lots of them in order to decide which one you think that you would like to play the best. Below are reviews of a couple of popular games so that you can decide whether you might like to play those.

Bust the Bank

This is a fun slot game which has five reels. It has a fun storyline surrounding it where you are going on a fun heist with Larry and Bob who are bank robbers. You have to break into the banks with them and take as much money as you can without getting caught. There are security guards, watchdogs, armoured vehicles and protected safes which make your challenge more difficult.

This may not sound much like a slots game but it is! There are explosive wilds which you can find and these will work like TNT to help you on your way. There are also scatters and bonus opportunities that you can come across. There are 24 different ways to win, meaning that this has a generous payline. If a ‘safe bonus’ logo appears it means that you will benefit form 1-6 gold coins appearing. The scatter bomb symbols cause even more excitement as they trigger the free spins. If the scatter comes up again there is an extra free spin awarded after the eight original ones are played. The bust the bank logo will act as a wild card and give more potential for winning.

There is also a piggy bank smash wild. This takes place if a piggy bank symbol comes up on the third reel. If you click on it, you will get a bonus which is a smashing wild coin reward. If Larry and bob appear on reels at the same time you also get a bonus.

The cost of the game varies massively from 0.3 to 300 bet per spin so it could suit all pockets. It has a fun theme and therefore is not just a plain slots game and could add lots of excitement for all players.

Fruit Fiesta

This fun slots game comes in three and five reel versions but we will review the five reel version as it is more popular and has fifteen pay lines. You simply have to match three pictures in order to get paid. There are also a couple of wilds which will match as well so you do not always have to match three the same. It is very much like the style of the old fashioned fruit machine and so great fun for those who like a simple game with a bit of added nostalgia!

There is a fixed coin value when you bet of $0.05 and you can bet up to $0.75 if you want to activate all of the possible pay lines. If you pay for all of the lines you will qualify to be part of the progressive jackpot prize. You receive different numbers of credits depending on how many you match with a match of three being the smallest and five being the greatest with regards to pay outs.

As well as fruits such as pineapples, watermelons, apples, plums, lemons and oranges there are also bells, bars and lucky sevens. There are no bonus rounds on this game but there is a scatter option which can give a good pay out and definitely adds some excitement to the game.

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