Free Bonus Slots

Probably something you’ve heard of but have never had the chance to encounter are the bonus slot games. Unless you know how to look, you wouldn’t be able to tell what the difference between normal standard and multi-line slot games from bonus slot games are. After all, casinos usually don’t refer to them as bonus slot games but as slot games with bonus features.


Free Bonus Rounds

There are slot games that give you an altogether different chance of winning through a bonus round. These rounds may not even be slot games. For example, a bonus round may oblige you to look for certain hidden items. Some of these rounds are unlocked for free, while some require a certain quota. This quota may depend on the slot, from a minimum wager requirement to a combination of certain symbols.

Prize Bonus

Similar to the free bonus rounds, prize bonuses are sometimes unlocked given certain combinations. The prizes are usually objects that can be shipped to you, provided that you have a registered real account in their online casino. The combination for the prize bonus is often different from the winning combinations.

Pick Items

This bonus feature will let you choose an item from a list of items that you can take home. Like the prize bonus, this option may be accessed depending on the rules of the slot game. For example, if you win in more than three pay lines, the casino will let you take home an item.

Free Spins A more classic example of bonus slots is the availability free spins. Most slot games actually offer free spins, such as Vampire Bats, Thunder from Down Under, Platinum Pyramid, Rain Dance, Dr Lovemore, Caesars Salad and so much more. These are usually given to players who have lost consistently in a particular slot game. With free spins, you are given the chance to win back what you have lost and perhaps win even more.

Theme-Based Bonuses

A sign of a slot game’s innovation and originality is the presence of theme-based bonuses. Theme-based bonuses vary depending on the slot game. For example, the slot game Curry in a Hurry has a bonus game called Pick a Dish. Cleopatra’s Coins also has its own bonus game. These bonuses differ from one game to the other, which makes playing these slot games all the more worthwhile and exciting. After all, this feature is something to look forward to in every original online slot machine.

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