Online Slots Paybacks and Payout Percentages

One of the most important considerations in choosing where to play your favorite slot machine is the payout percentage. Payout percentage is an aspect in slot gaming that can potentially affect your expected value and future winnings. Here are some things you should know about payout percentage. One thing to remember is that online slot machines are different than land based slots because online they follow the same random number generator powered by the online casino software provider. In land cased casinos, sometimes the casino floor manager canĀ  improve or weaken the odds for the casino. They do this to get machines hot, but catch a cold machine and you’re done for. By sticking to online slots you don’t run this risk of running into house-loaded slot machines.


Payout Percentage Defined

Payout percentage or payback percentage is generally defined as the amount returned by the casino to the players as a form of prizes or winnings. It is the difference of the total bets and the house edge. You can find payout percentage rates on payout percentage reports usually reported by the casino, among other payout rates of other casino games like roulette baccarat, etc.

As the name implies, you’ll see the payout rates in percentages. Don’t be scared of it though. Payout percentage is easy to be understood. For example, if you have a payout percentage of 95%, that slot machine returns 95 cents in terms of winnings and keeps the rest as revenues on the average.

It is important to note that payout percentage is based not on the real bets but on mathematical abstract. Meaning, if you have just spent a hundred dollars on the machine, it doesn’t follow that you get to have $95 back. Such payout percentage is calculated from results of thousands of spins; meaning, it doesn’t have to pay individual players for the bets they have made.

Payout Percentage Tip

Online casinos that offer slot games usually post their audited payout percentage report on their website. This could very well be your guide in choosing which casino would be most profitable to play at. But it is not enough to simply play the game based on this chart, but you also need to make sure that an independent party makes such reports. Thankfully, most casinos also publish who made their audit statement. If you’re not so sure, you can crosscheck them with other websites. Of course, you might want to steer away from those who do not post them.

Then there’s the issue on what is a favorable payout. Many players ask what would be a good payout percentage for slot machine. The answer is that it varies for different people. Some people who are in it for fun may want to forsake payout percentage for other gaming aspects, while others want to get more in every spin. A good benchmark for slot would be around 94%. That rate is relatively better than many land-based casinos.

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